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Elements Guide and Status Effects | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (1)

Elements determine the damage types and status effects dealt by all characters and enemies in Wuthering Waves. See what Elements are and all the Status Effects in this guide!

List of Contents

  • What Are Elements?
  • All Status Effects
  • Related Guides

What Are Elements?

Dictates a Character's Damage Type

There are a total of six elements in Wuthering Waves. Each Resonator is assigned one of these six elements that dictate their damage type.

Each Resonator's attacks deal elemental damage, that means there are no neutral or physical attacks present in the game.

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No Elemental Reactions

Elements Guide and Status Effects | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (2)

In Wuthering Waves, there are no elemental reactions to take advantage of and enemies have no elemental weaknesses to exploit.

Damage output is based solely on offensive stats like ATK, Critical Chance, Critical DMG, as well as skill multipliers.

Determines the Damage Resistance of Enemies

Elements Guide and Status Effects | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (3)

Some enemies are resistant to certain elements, reducing the damage they take. Other enemies are straight up immune to an element and do not take damage at all.

It's recommended to have a well-balanced team composition so you won't have problems dealing with enemies resistant or immune to specific elements.

No Bonuses for Teams With the Same Elements

Elements Guide and Status Effects | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (4)

Characters with the same elements on one team do not receive bonuses. When building a team, it's best to focus on having characters with multiple elements and good synergy.

Best Team Comps

Some Resonators Improve Elemental Damage Output

Elements Guide and Status Effects | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (5)

Some Resonators like Danjin and Aalto have Outro Skills that increase the elemental damage (Deepen) of the next character you swap into combat.

If you use such characters, build your team around them to maximize your damage output.

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List of All Status Effects

All Status Effects and Debuffs

Elements Guide and Status Effects | Wuthering Waves (WuWa)|Game8 (6)

Enemies and some environmental hazards are able to inflict status effects on your team. Each element has a unique debuff that will hinder your performance in combat.

Status EffectEffects
Aero Erosion・Deals Aero DMG over time.
・Aero DMG increases with more stacks.
・Dodge attacks to remove stacks.
Electro Flare1-4 Stacks: ATK -5%.
5-9 Stacks: ATK -7%.
10 Stacks ATK -10% and reduced move speed.
Fusion Burst・Explodes when status effect reaches 10 Stacks.
・Dodge attacks to remove stacks.
Glacio Chafe・Slows move speed.
・Move speed reduction increases with stacks.
・Resonator is frozen at 10 Stacks.
・Dodge attacks to remove stacks.
Havoc Bane・Stacks gradually increase when affected.
・Stacks up to 2 times.
・Deals AoE Havoc DMG at 2 Stacks.
・Dodge attacks to remove stacks.
Spectro Frazzle・Deals Spectro DMG over time.
・Spectro DMG over time increases with more stacks.
・Stacks gradually decrease when affected.
・Dodge attacks to remove stacks.

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