Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN Beginners Guide and Tips (2024)

Sword Chronicles: AWAKENis a newrole-playingtitle byQooland Games. As the chosen one, you’ll summon legendary heroes to battle the dark forces of the Tenchu Sect, embarking on a thrilling journey of destiny. For newcomers exploring this realm, I present the Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN Beginners Guide to assist you in navigating Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN’s intricacies effectively.

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Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN Beginners Guide Gameplay Basics

Combat Basics

Combat in Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN centers on a fully automatic turn-based system, giving you the choice to either sit back and observe the action or skip it entirely. Your primary goal is to construct a formidable formation of heroes to effectively tackle various challenges.

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Begin by filling the six hero slots and adjusting their equipment and skills to optimize their performance. When you’re prepared for battle, initiating combat by pressing the “Battle” button allows you to engage. In manual mode, your interaction involves activating Divine Weapon (DW) skills when enough points are accumulated.

Upgrading Heroes and Equipment

In Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN, I’ve found that the upgrade system is different from traditional gacha games. Instead of focusing on individual heroes, improvements are tied to what’s called the ‘hero slot.’ This means all enhancements, like levels and equipment, apply to the slot rather than the hero. You have the freedom to customize and optimize your team without worrying about individual hero progress.

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To upgrade, simply drag and drop enhancements onto the desired slot. However, it’s essential to note that while upgrades are slot-specific, increasing rarity and stars for each hero remains crucial for maximizing their potential.

Divine Weapons

In Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN, Divine Weapons become crucial assets with unique traits that greatly influence battles. I’ve found that that these weapons can bypass Hero Defense (DEF) and Damage Reduction (DR) during attacks, while also offering their defensive benefits with Damage Reduction (DR) and Critical Resistance (Crit RES).

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To enhance your Divine Weapons, you can utilize Masterwork Runes, which you obtain through events and store purchases. Additionally, improving their effectiveness involves gathering Divine Weapon Shards to bolster their stats. These shards are accessible through various avenues like event participation and store purchases.


Pets in Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN is both stylish and powerful allies, available once you reach Level 75. They come with distinct Battle Skills and Assist Skills, with Battle Pets activating skills at the end of each round and Assist Pets triggering theirs under specific conditions, limited per battle.

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You can deploy up to 1x Battle Pet and 2x Assist Pets simultaneously in battles. When swapping out a pet, its Relic and Pet levels are passed down. Upgrading pets boost their stats for all heroes, while Pet Star-Up enhances bonuses from Pet Grounds and improves the stats of all deployed heroes.


Guilds play a crucial role in Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN, offering numerous benefits such as meteorgems and resources for members. There is also an auction house here, a place where guild members can trade valuable items. Here, you can bid on or list items for sale, helping each other grow stronger and progress together. It’s a great way to get unique items and boost your heroes while supporting your guild’s development.

The game features four key guild events: Dragonboat Race, World Demons, Siege, and Guild Battle, each with specific strategies for maximizing points and rewards. In Dragonboat Race, guild leaders rally members to speed up the dragon boat and strategically use items obtained during the race.

Siege involves capturing cities by collectively attacking the Dragon Pillar, with tips for effective attacks and defenses. World Demons requires timing attacks to maximize points across three stages, while Heroes of Chaos pits guild members against each other, emphasizing strategic targeting based on members’ Battle Rating.

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Choose a new Server

Choosing the right server can significantly impact your progress. Since events and rewards are often tied to server opening dates, joining a newer server increases your chances of accessing valuable resources and staying competitive. By selecting a new server, you’ll have a smoother gaming experience and a better chance to thrive in the game’s dynamic landscape.

2. Farm resources in Endless Path

Utilize Quick Endless Path earnings only after encountering difficulties in clearing stages. Consider purchasing all three Quick Earnings attempts to expedite your progress effectively. To maximize your earnings from Endless Path, focus on clearing stages with your starting squad until you reach a roadblock. Then, recruit new heroes and progress further in the Main Story to increase your strength and capabilities.

3. Join an active Guild

Joining an active guild with more members enhances your gaming experience and provides access to valuable resources and benefits. Prioritize joining a guild with active members who can collectively upgrade the guild to level 2 by the first day. This unlocks the Guild Store, offering additional advantages and opportunities for advancement.

4. Use your Stamina wisely

Manage your Stamina efficiently by ensuring you have at least 400 Stamina reserved for progressing through the Main Story. Consume the remaining Stamina to claim Daily Missions EXP and gradually upgrade your character.

5. Participate in Guild loots auctions wisely

Participate wisely in Guild Loots auctions by strategically bidding on heroes, divine weapons, and Title Promotion Orders that align with your current needs and progression goals. Be mindful of your spending to ensure a balanced allocation of resources for overall guild and personal advancement.

Final Thoughts

Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN offers an engaging idle gaming experience with its strategic depth and progression mechanics. As you embark on your journey in Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN, remember that patience and strategic planning are key to success.

By following these beginner tips and tricks, you’ll navigate the game more efficiently, build a formidable team, and thrive in the ever-evolving world of the game. Stay active, join a supportive guild, and make the most of every resource available to you.

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Sword Chronicles: AWAKEN Beginners Guide and Tips (2024)
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