30A's Ultimate Guide to The Big Chill - 30A (2024)


30A's Ultimate Guide to The Big Chill - 30A (2)

By: Kristy Gustafson | Posted Dec 15, 2022

30A's Ultimate Guide to The Big Chill - 30A (3)

Seasons come and seasons go, but for The Big Chill, formerly The Hub 30A, they are ready to keep the good times flowing. Armed with a new name, their promise remains the same, and it comes down to a simple equation: good food and good vibes.

Brian Parker, CEO of The Big Chill, stated, “The Hub 30A has been tremendously successful in fulfilling its mission of serving families and friends on the 30A corridor of Walton County, Florida. Significant investments have recently been made in additional tenant spaces, amenity improvements, and our team members to further enhance the experience for our guests. This change in our brand identity allows us to better define the experience we offer and expand into other family-oriented markets in the Southeast.”

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The stage at Big Chill

The rebranding reflects the continued commitment to providing a fun and exciting place for families and friends to gather. They dub themselves an “entertainment district” with restaurants, shopping, and events that offer a little something for everyone.

Let’s take a look around, shall we?

Since 2014, this festive (and pet-friendly!) gathering place has come into its own, transforming into an extensive indoor and outdoor space, complete with a covered patio, indoor eatery, outdoor bar and stage, with retail spaces and world-class restaurants all within steps of one another.

Starting Your Day Right

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Whether it’s getting up and moving with Sculpt Studio 30A or SoWal Pilates, bike rentals from Salt Air, or some good ol’ pampering at Polished Nail Bar or Maria Heckscher Salon, there’s no wrong way to start your day here. Caffeine and a quick bite? Nectar Coffee has everything you busy bees could desire. Hitting the beach? Head over to Live Well 30A for beach chair rentals or Frankie’s Bike Shop for more biking fun.

Shopping Galore

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Sugar Wave


Nicole Paloma

Where to begin is the question… For home decor needs, check out Fiddle Haus, which also features women’s pajamas and athleisure wear. Vacation essentials? 30A General Store is your one-stop-shop. For the kiddos (or simply the young at heart), stop in Sugar Wave and Build-A-Bear.

If you’re looking for clothing, unique gifts, one-of-a-kind jewelry and everything in between, check out Anthea Le Jardin, Oko, High Tide, Yellow Fly Trading Co, Sunset Shoes, Lens Bar, and Mermaids of 30A. Continue treating yourself at Nicole Paloma for original, hand-sewn designs, as well as Lily Chartier Pearls and Adaro Art Gallery.

For those of you who can’t shop until you drop, wait for the gang in style at country star Luke Bryan’s Shore Thing Cigar Bar.

And now, for the main event…

Food Time

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Mr. Freeze

The Big Chill Milkshake

Macho Tacos

Local Smoke

The food options are plentiful. And in case you can’t decide on just one, we suggest divide-and-conquering a few of your crew’s favorites. Family style is your best friend here.

Let’s dig in.

For all your burger, fries, and American fare needs, hit up Duos Restaurant & Bar.

Since this is the South (and the South knows how to barbeque), head over to Local Smoke for some “fall-off-the-bone, triple-napkin goodness” made extra special with locally farmed and naturally raised beef, pork, and poultry from their Southern Pride smoker.

Neighboring that is Chef Steve Bucalo’s latest venture, Hooked Seafood. Pop in for “Tackle Boxes” featuring the fresh catch of the day, salads, wraps, crab cakes, and one of the best lobster rolls on 30A.

Continue down the path and you’ll reach Macho Taco, another Chef Steve masterpiece featuring Mexican-inspired soul food with everything from Frito Pie, Street Tacos, its self-named (and for good reason) Macho Burrito, and two of our personal favorites, the Avocado Bowl and Fried Lobster Bites. (All about balance, right?)

If good ol’ creole cuisine is your jam, Blue Crawfish Company will be too.

Cap it all off with Mr. Freeze ice cream, shakes, and candy, New Orleans Style “Snow Balls” from Jack & Diane’s, as well as fresh pineapples, smoothies, and more from Pineapple at The Big Chill.

Wet Your Whistle

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As if we could forget to mention. Yup, even the bar is just steps away from all the action. Venture to Dion’s or Duos, where you’ll find wine, classic Hub co*cktails, and buckets of beer that are perfect for game days and movie nights paired with The Big Chill’s 25-foot LED Jumbotron.

Whether it’s clinking beers in your team colors, perusing the Emerald Coast Farmer’s Market, tapping into your inner Picasso at a Paint n’ Sip class, or dancing the night away to live music or a DJ Dance Party under the stars, the possibilities are far from few at The Big Chill with plenty of ways to keep the fun lasting all night. Or, you know, until the kids’ bedtimes.

Click here or visit the 30A Events Calendar to check out some of The Big Chill’s upcoming events!

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30A's Ultimate Guide to The Big Chill - 30A (18)

Kristy Gustafson is a writer, born-again beach girl, and author in the works. You can catch her on her YOLO paddleboard, the tennis courts, toes in the sand, or up and down the beach in search of the area’s best Bloody Mary. Follow along her adventures on Instagram @kristyerin10.


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30A's Ultimate Guide to The Big Chill - 30A (22)

30A's Ultimate Guide to The Big Chill - 30A (2024)
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