Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero Tier List for June 2024 (2024)

Trails of Cold Steel: NWis anRPGfromUSERJOY Technology Co., Ltd. As you journey through the rich world of Zemuria, you encounter numerous heroes, each with unique abilities and attributes. Understanding which heroes stand out in various aspects of the game can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. In this Trails of Cold Steel: NW Tier List, I will help you identify the top-tier heroes, ensuring you can make informed decisions when assembling your team.

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Trails of Cold Steel: NW Tier List for June 2024: Best Heroes Ranked

To make things easier to understand, I’ve sorted the heroes into four tiers:Strong (S),Good (A), Fair (B), andAverage (C). This helps grasp each hero’s abilities and assists in forming a powerful team. Remember that these rankings are based on my experiences, so feel free to customize your choices to suit your preferences.

Strong (S)Sigmund Orlando,
Rogan Mugart,
Shirley Orlando
Josette Capua,
Elie MacDowell,
Claire Rieveldt,
Estelle Bright,
Alisa Reinford,
Alfin Riese Arnor
Ries Argent,
Good (A)Klaudia von Auslese,
Laura S. Arseid,
Zin Vathek,
Lloyd Bannings,
Noel Seeker,
Anelace Elfead,
Rufus Albarea
Fie Claussell,
Altina Orion,
Rean Schwarzer,
Kevin Graham,
Joshua Bright
Tio Plato,
Towa Herschel,
Wazy Hemisphere,
Fair (B)Agate Cosner,
Randy Orlando,
Alex Dudley,
Garcia Rossi,
Julia Schwarz,
Lechter Arundel,
Kirika Rouran
Scherazard Harvey,
Mueller Vander,
Alan Richard
Olivert Reise Arnor,
Elliot Craig,
Rixia Mao
Average (C)Toval Randonneur,
Talion Drake,
Northern Jaegers,
Tita Russel,
Lavian Winslet,
Martin S. Robinson,
Iseria Frost,
Gilbert Stein,
Red Constellation,
imperial Army,
Ernest Reis,

Best Heroes in Trails of Cold Steel: NW for June 2024

Best Power Hero – Sigmund Orlando

In my experience, Sigmund Orlando is one of the best due to his resilience on the battlefield. With Crimson Fall, he deals devastating area damage while gaining immunity against magic attacks. His Ogre’s Rage passive boosts his attack power as his HP decreases, ensuring his effectiveness even in tough situations.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero Tier List for June 2024 (1)

Additionally, with Ogre’s Body, he defies death, remaining at 1 HP when hit with fatal damage and gaining temporary immunity, making him incredibly resilient.

Best Speed Hero – Josette Capua

From what I’ve seen, Josette Capua shines as one of the best due to her versatility and impact in battles. With her Stampede skill, she deals hefty damage to all enemies while cleansing allies of debuffs and dispelling enemy buffs.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero Tier List for June 2024 (2)

Her Anchor Flail skill steals ATK from the nearest enemy and slows their CP recovery, disrupting their tactics. Additionally, her Bobcat skills temporarily remove the enemy with the highest ATK from the fight, giving her team a strategic advantage.

Best Magic Hero – Elie MacDowell

In my experience, Elie MacDowell stands out as one of the best picks for battles, thanks to her supportive abilities. With Aura Rain, she heals all allies based on her own maximum HP, grants a significant DEF boost, and offers extra healing to allies with low HP.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero Tier List for June 2024 (3)

Her Cross Mirage skill deals damage, confuses enemies, and boosts ATK damage, disrupting foes and increasing overall damage. Plus, her Holy Bullet skill ensures consistent healing and CP restoration for the ally with the lowest HP.

Best Magic Hero – Claire Rieveldt

From what I’ve experienced, Claire Rieveldt earns her spot among the best with her impressive skills and adaptability in combat. Through Kaleido Force, she deals consistent damage to multiple enemies while regaining health.

Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero Tier List for June 2024 (4)

Her Frigid Rain skill targets single enemies with potent magic strikes, dealing substantial damage and temporarily silencing them. Additionally, her Mortal Mirage passive boosts her offensive power based on her remaining health, enhancing both attack power and critical hit rate.

Final Thoughts

This tier list highlights the diverse range of heroes available in the game, each with their unique abilities and strengths. While some heroes focus on dealing high damage, others excel in supporting teammates or controlling the battlefield.

It’s important to understand each character’s strengths and weaknesses to build a balanced team. However, remember that tier lists can change over time with updates and shifts in the meta. Ultimately, choose characters that fit your play style and complement your team composition for the best results.

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What do you think about the Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero Tier List? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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Trails of Cold Steel: NW Hero Tier List for June 2024 (2024)
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