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Last Updated: January 4, 2022

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (1)

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The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (2)

By Petside

Published 13:43 pm

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  • The Best Bird Cage
  • 1. Prevue Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage
  • 2. Zeny Bird Cage
  • 3. Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage
  • 4. Yaheetech Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage
  • 5. Vision Bird Cage
  • 6. Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage
  • 7. Prevue House Style Economy Bird Cage
  • 8. Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage
  • 9. Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage
  • 10. Prevue Hendryx Shanghai Parakeet Cage

Successfully selecting a bird cage is no easy task. Part of this process is widening your initial requirements of finding a bird feeder that's a suitable size and fits nicely in your corner to include what your bird would express if they could speak – excluding parrots that is! In other words, this cage needs to function as a safe, comfortable home for your bird that they'll feel at ease in.

Due to the incredulous amount of contradictory information online, we understand completely why choosing cages for birds may seem like a daunting task. Accordingly, we've hand-picked ten high-caliber cages for you to choose from and even written a detailed buying guide clarifying the do's and dont's of cage shopping.

The Best Bird Cage

1. Prevue Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (3)

Key Features

    Sturdy iron construction with non-toxic powder coated finish

    Beautiful co*ckatiel cage features integrated playtop design

    Cleans easily due to inclusion of pull-out bottom grille and top and bottom debris trays

    Castered stand makes beautifully designed bird cage comfortable and easy to move around

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (4)

Prevue Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

This bird cage design comes in many attractive powder-coated finishes, including Coco Brown, Garnet Red, and Black Hammertone, and four other high-class coatings. Working in conjunction with the high-caliber coatings are the four stainless steel cups that add to the elegance of the design.

This co*ckateil cage even features a play top area that is incredibly easy to access and keep in prime condition. When it comes to cleaning the debris mess that congregates at the bottom of the cage, the rounded corner seed guards stop any from escaping at the sides whilst the pull-out bottom grille makes disposing of your bird’s waste take only a matter of minutes.

2. Zeny Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (5)

Key Features

    Removable sliding tray ensures bird cage provides a comfortable, clean environment for your birds

    Welded construction ensures durability

    0.5 inch bar space keeps bird secure inside

    Long wooden perch allows bird to stretch out

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (6)

Zeny Bird Cage

ZENY’s pet bird cage model is the quintessential model for parrots, co*ckateils, co*ckatoos.. you name it! Its wrought iron construction obtained through welding processes ensures the cage’s longevity, as well as the optimal 0.5 inch bar space keeping your feathered friends’ heads safe from becoming stuck.

What we believe to be the most innovative feature is the 360° swivel casters that allow the cage to effortlessly move from room to room. As birds like co*ckateils are incredibly sociable creatures, they’ll be thrilled to move to where the family are. And bringing your bird out for socialisation time outside the cage can be achieved easily through the giant front door – and the four lift-up openings are the quintessential size for a sugar glider to fit easily through.

3. Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (7)

Key Features

    Bottom shelf provides extra storage space

    Three wood perches and four plastic double cups included in purchase

    Available in Black Wrought Iron to maintain durable structure

    Plenty of room to hang other perches and toys for birds to enjoy

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (8)

Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron Flight Cage

Comprising of a simple design, its the considerable amount of storage space that has Prevue Hendryx’s Iron Flight Cage dubbed as our premium product of our selection. Available in either Black Hammertone or Chalk White, this cage works best when bought for households containing multiple birds. The four plastic double cups and three wooden perches should be enough for every member of your feathered family!

Boasting a commendable height of fifty-three inches with half an inch wire spacing, this cages optimal measurements allow birds plenty of room to flap around and play to their hearts’ content. The three wooden perches and four plastic double cups also give the birds the choice from where to watch the world. By no means is this cage inexpensive, but it radiates quality, from its Black Wrought Iron bars to its manoeuvrability.

4. Yaheetech Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (9)

Key Features

    Open-top bird cage is easily portable thanks to two-handle design

    0.4 inch bar spacing keeps birds safe and snug inside their cage

    Sturdy red clamps are included with purchase to keep cage sturdily fixed on to pallets

    Fun swing keeps even boisterous birds entertained

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (10)

Yaheetech Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage

If you’re seeking an upgrade so your parrot can have more freedom when you’re out the house, Yeheetech’s Parrot Cage is an intelligent purchase to make. Of course, what we consider to be this cage’s best feature is its adorable open top roof – if your bird wants to have the feeling of familiarity by sitting on a polished wooden perch like the three inside their cage yet isn’t ready to go back inside, the top perch is the perfect place to a watch the world from above as they would from the treetops.

Yaheetech prove themselves to take birds’ safety seriously by ensuring their bar size is strictly 0.39 inches – customers claim that they can barely fit one of their fingers through! If this precision to detail isn’t enough to tempt you, the slide-out trays and detachable mesh panel under the cage allow for easy cleaning – meaning less time spent carrying out chores and more time devoted to playing with your birds.

5. Vision Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (11)

Key Features

    No-drawer design favored for base that detaches for easy waste removal

    Exterior access to water cups and seeds avoids increasing your bird’s stress levels

    Debris guard works in conjunction with no-drawer design to keep the bulk of debris inside the bird cage

    Four doors latch securely so bird’s are kept safe inside their cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (12)

Vision Bird Cage

Vision are a company who aren’t afraid to present their outlandish innovations to customers, and their bird cage, with a no-drawer design is a fine example of their inventive prowess. Instead of using a drawer to clean up your feathered friends’ messes, all you have to do is detach the cage portion of the model from the base, emptying its contents into the waste bucket. Due to the raised ridges inside the deep base, most of the bird waste should be stopped from making a mess outside the cage.

Even the seed and water cups have been cleverly positioned on the cage’s exterior to prevent minimal waste from escaping the cage. Their astute placement additionally minimizes a bird’s stress levels – imagine a giant hand coming through the front door of your home to steal the remaining food and water you had left and it’s easy to comprehend how this situation may be stressful!

6. Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (13)

Key Features

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (14)

Prevue Hendryx Travel Bird Cage

The reputable company Prevue Hendryx are back again and this time, showcasing their Travel Bird Cage. As going to the vet is often an arduous process for any bird, they may as well travel like the king or queen they are. After entering their portable palace effortlessly due to the 9″ by 9″ side access doors, they’ll be delighted to find a perch to fit on as well as two stainless steel dishes for provide them with travel snacks en route.

Cleaning this bird cage couldn’t be simpler – featuring a removable bottom grille and plastic pull out tray, your bird’s waste will be removed in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve returned home from your adventure and your pet is happily back in their cage, the cage can be collapsed and conveniently put away in a corner for your next trip out the house.

7. Prevue House Style Economy Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (15)

Key Features

    Made of tubular steel to certify longevity

    Baby-blue bird cage ideal for extra-small and small birds

    Pull-out debris tray makes it simple to dispose of waste

    Included accessories entertain small birds

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (16)

Prevue House Style Economy Bird Cage

Prevue Pet’s beautiful baby blue travel cage can either be used to house one very small bird or, better still, as a dainty travel cage. Inside the cage, your bird will discover two feeding cups, two perches, and a swing for them to entertain themselves with.

Although this cage is not large enough to be a permanent home for a small or large bird, it’s easy to clean and of high quality to make the perfect travel cage, or for a bird who spends the majority of their day flying around outside their cage. Yet one added bonus when travelling is the number of comments you’ll receive concerning the adorable roof-shaped design – this model never fails to impress!

8. Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (17)

Key Features

    Available in Blue and White or Teal and White

    Unique triple-roof design bound to impress guests in your home

    Two plastic cups and four wood perches included in the unbeatable price

    Ideal for budgies as allows for enough room for them to fly around with enough space for toys and accessories

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (18)

Prevue Hendryx Triple Roof Bird Cage

Perfect for a parakeet, the unique triple roof design on this model is both ornamental as well as giving your birds extra space to enjoy two extra roof perches. Available for purchase in Blue or Teal – with both elegant shades complimented with polished white bars – a parakeet’s sharp vision will enjoy looking at both these calming colors.

Although this design doesn’t compare to flight cages, it’s a place for birds to spread their wings for a bit of fun and games during working hours. The food and water dishes included in the price of the cage are of such high quality that delighted customers continue to use them over time.

9. Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (19)

Key Features

    Incredible vintage design adds a level of class to any interior design layout

    Comes with ninety day warranty

    Hooded feeding cups reduce mess around the feeder

    Stunning plastic perches only add to the authenticity of the vintage design

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (20)

Prevue Jumbo Scrollwork Bird Cage

Never have we laid eyes on such an eloquent cage. Looking like a quintessential household decoration straight out of a high-class black-and-white movie, the refinement of the intricate scrollwork is only magnified by the finial top feature. This cage can be purchased in black or white depending on your choice of interior design in your home.

Knowing full well how sturdy their bird cage is, manufacturers have confidently placed a ninety day warranty on their bird cage and have been praised by customers for their exemplary customer service. Inside the cage, two hooded feeding cups look discrete and dramatically reduce the mess created by open-cup designs. What’s not to love?

10. Prevue Hendryx Shanghai Parakeet Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (21)

Key Features

    Stylish green and white design also features decorative roofline

    Two plastic cups, two perches, and a swing keep birds comfortable

    Comfortable and roomy for housing two finches

    Two easy access doors in convenient places

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (22)

Prevue Hendryx Shanghai Parakeet Cage

Last but certainly not least, Prevue Hendryx are proud to advertize their green and white Shanghai Parakeet Cage. Boasting a decorative peak styled roofline, the design doesn’t only look elegant yet creates even more space for your birds to perch. The parakeet cage features a total of two safe landing-style access doors to choose from, as well as two perches, two plastic cups, and even a swing.

Worried about cleaning? Don’t be; the removable grille and pull-out debris tray are both easy to clean and ensure waste is quickly disposed of, freeing up time in the evenings to entertain your parakeets instead. Although not appropriate for a large bird, Prevue Hendryx’s small cage is fantastic for carting your bird around to the vets or even the office!

Best Bird Cage Buying Guide & FAQ

What to Look for When Buying a Bird Cage

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (23)Have you checked that the cage is an appropriate size for your bird?Your bird doesn't care if your cage looks vintage enough or if the color matches your living room walls perfectly. All they're interested in is that there is space for them to comfortably live. The minimum size that you should even consider for a budgie cage are therefore detailed below:

One budgie: 18 x 18 x 18 inches

Two budgies: 30 x 18 x 18 inches

Three budgies: 32 x 18 x 20 inches

Remember, these measurements are the minimum requirements for a budgie cage. Although larger cages may seem big and clunky at first in your living space, imagine how much happier your bird will be and it will be worth it.

What are the bars like?Birds are inquisitive creatures and love sticking their beaks where they don't belong. Therefore, you shouldn't consider what size of bars will keep a bird's body in, you should also contemplate if your bird could squeeze any body parts through. Imagine the worst case scenario – if your budgie hurt themselves badly by slipping their foot into a tight cap when you're not around – and then reconsider between the elegant cage you've got your eye on and the robust choice.

Different Types of Budgie Cages

Aviary: Otherwise known as a flight cage, a bird aviary resembles a large enclosure rather than a bird cage and allows them the space to fly about as they please.

Travel Cages: Although some cheap bird owners believe these types of cages are suitable for their pet to live in, travel cages should only be used temporarily to house your bird.

Tips For Cleaning Your Bird's Cage

Designate an old toothbrush for scrubbing: Toothbrushes aren't only handy for brushing your teeth, they're the ideal cleaning tool for reaching tough corners in bird cages.

Keep your bird out the cage when cleaning: Not only will this make cleaning a lot easier, removing your feathered friend from the cage and allowing them to fly around your home keeps their small lungs clean from the dirt and fumes uncovered throughout the cleaning process.

The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (24)


Q:How big should a parrot cage be?


There are evidently several different types of parrot species with varying wing spans. Accordingly, there isn't an exact figure for how big a parrot cage should be; the best size of cage entirely depends on the wingspan of a species. One rule of thumb is that the horizontal length of a cage should be at least 1 1/2 to 2 times the wingspan of its parrot. However, when researching the wingspan of your parrot's breed, remember that flight obstructions such as perches and swings reduce the space available for adequate wing size.

Q:Where should I put my bird cage?


The ambiguity over bird cages doesn't end as soon as you've placed an order; you've now got to find the ideal place in your home for your feathered friend's new dig. Here are a few tips for owners of budgies in particular to get it right first time:

Place your cage in a central location: Just like how dogs lie under the family dinner table in the evening so they're in the middle of everybody, budgies would do the same if they could: they love being the center of a family's attention. Therefore, placing their cage in the room of your home that gets the most footfall is recommended for their socialisation.

Higher is better: Budgies are tree-dwellers. As a result, placing their cages up high will encourage them to feel more at ease, just as they would flying from branch to branch. Doing the exact opposite and placing their cage on the floor is likely to make them anxious due to their instinctual fear of being attacked from above.

Place them beside a window overlooking nature: Although placing a cage directly opposite the window is not recommended, ensuring that your budgies' cage is in view of a window that overlooks other birds and nature – a move that will hopefully keep them entertained during your days spent working. Contrarily, placing them in close proximity to a television screen is bound to unnerve them: the flickering lights and noise may negatively impact their sleeping habits and the fast-paced images are more likely to alarm rather than comfort them.

Q:Do I need to cover a cage at night?


In order to ensure there's no ambiguity concerning how this question is worded, we wish to reiterate here that 'at night' doesn't mean placing a cover over your birds when you're about to sit down to watch the telly and don't wish to interact with them for the rest of the evening. 'At night' is when both you and your birds are going to get some sleep. As birds require a solid eight hours of uninterrupted rest, using a cover helps them feel secure getting their beauty sleep by minimizing their risk of night terrors. However, if you wish to cover your bird's cage at night, do it the right way to prevent respiratory problems from occurring: placing a single layer of breathable fabric over their cage is recommended.

Although some owners and birds prefer to use a cage cover, it isn't a requirement and some birds do perfectly well sleeping without. However, not using a cage cover encourages your birds to wake up with the sun. Therefore, be prepared for some very early rises if going without!

Q:How often should I let my parrot out of his cage?


The question isn't how long should you allow your parrot time out of their cage, yet but much time is it possible to have your pet outside their cage. Parrots are birds that require lots of exercise, space, and interaction. Therefore, if you are unable to have your parrot outside of their cage for at least two to three hours an evening then you should consider if you're able to take care of this type of bird in the first place.

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The Best Bird Cages in 2022 | Pet Side (2024)
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