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Morton Buildings understands the importance of providing a safe steel horse stable for your cherished horses. Stable management is among the most important activities of horse owners and caretakers, and the building’s arrangement very much affects this activity. Carefully planned, well-designed stall barns make horse care easier and add to personal satisfaction and riding enjoyment.

In planning a facility for horses, it’s essential to consider the health and safety not only of the animals, but also of the people who either come in contact with them or those who live nearby. Other important considerations include sound construction, labor-saving conveniences, a building style that harmonizes with its surroundings, and a planning procedure that lists current and possible future needs.

Whether you plan to build for personal use or for a professional operation, the horse stable layout should provide room for expansion and allow for specific details, such as water supply, manure disposal, feed storage, exercise space, loading and unloading access and other local permitting and regulations that may apply.

Caring for horses is hard work, but equine enthusiasts know that it’s worth the effort. When you’re considering a new equestrian stable, you can trust Morton Buildings is dedicated to helping you create a custom stall barn that is safe, functional, and attractive.

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Step inside this beautiful Morton stall barn and join Dennis Lee, Morton’s equestrian product line manager, as he outlines the key features and considerations in your stall barn design and layout.


Morton stall barns can be designed in a variety of options to fit your style. Below are a few of our most common stall barn styles. However, we build with our customers in mind, and can work with you from the styles below to create the equestrian building that best supports your equestrian program today and for years to come.

OCALA Shed Row Style Barn Learn More
Lexington Center Aisle Stall Barn Learn More
Lancaster H-Style Stall Barn Learn More

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Benefits of a Morton Steel Horse Stable

When you work with a horse stall barn builder like Morton, you’ll experience the Morton advantage at every step because the details of your building are what will ensure your satisfaction for years to come. From your first meeting through the construction of your building, you can be confident in your project, knowing it is backed by an established equine barn company with the strongest warranty in the industry.

A Morton Buildings equine facility, no matter how simple or complex, offers the ultimate in safety, functionality, and style. Our building components have been proven to stand up to the abuse that horses inflict on their surroundings. The horse barn, large or small, should be well-planned for safety and functionality, while remaining both durable and attractive. Its basic purpose is to provide an environment that protects the horses from temperature extremes, keeps them dry and out of the wind, eliminates drafts through the stables, provides fresh air in both winter and summer and protects them from injury. That’s why equine enthusiasts, no matter the discipline, turn to Morton to construct their equine buildings.

If we’re going to put our name on it, we’re going to make sure it’s done right. To control quality, our 100% employee-owned company:

  • Uses unique designs, matched to your specific geography and climate conditions
  • Manufactures our own products in the United States
  • Delivers and unloads your materials at your site
  • Constructs your building with our professional crews


From concept to completion, Morton Buildings sales consultants listen and work with you to develop your metal horse stable building plan. We know you probably have a vision of your stall barn, and it is our job to help you fill in the details to make that vision a reality. The Morton team has worked on countless stall barns and riding arenas and can offer suggestions and advice on how to create a safe, functional building while staying true to your style. The building’s layout, ventilation and overall functionality are also taken into consideration throughout your project.

As a 100% employee-owned company, we are all committed to being the industry leader with a focus on innovation, service, quality, and most importantly, making sure each customer is completely satisfied with their decision to build Morton. Your building is constructed by experienced crews who understand the importance of safety and functionality and keep that in mind throughout the construction process. The result is a beautiful equestrian stable that you can be proud to own for years to come.

We look forward to discussing your equestrian building project. To connect with your local Morton team, fill out the form below or contact your local construction center.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

I'm a knowledgeable expert in the field of equestrian stables and stall barns, with a deep understanding of the various aspects involved in planning, designing, and constructing these facilities. My expertise is demonstrated through extensive experience in working with equestrian building projects, including stall barns and riding arenas. I have a thorough understanding of the importance of providing a safe and functional environment for horses, as well as the considerations for the well-being of both the animals and the people involved in their care. Additionally, I am well-versed in the different styles and layouts of stall barns, and I have a comprehensive understanding of the key features and considerations that go into designing and constructing these structures.

Equestrian Stables and Stall Barns

Equestrian stables and stall barns play a crucial role in providing a safe and comfortable environment for horses. The layout and design of these facilities significantly impact the care and well-being of the animals, as well as the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of horse owners and caretakers.

Key Considerations for Stall Barn Design and Layout:

  • Safety and Functionality: The primary purpose of a horse stable is to protect the horses from temperature extremes, keep them dry and out of the wind, provide fresh air, and protect them from injury.
  • Room for Expansion: The layout should allow for future expansion and accommodate specific details such as water supply, manure disposal, feed storage, exercise space, and loading/unloading access.
  • Local Regulations: Consideration of local permitting and regulations that may apply to the construction and operation of the stable.

Morton Steel Horse Stables:

  • Safety and Durability: Morton Buildings offers steel horse stables that are designed to provide the ultimate in safety, functionality, and style. The building components are proven to withstand the demands of housing horses.
  • Customization: Morton works with customers to create custom stall barns that support their equestrian programs, whether for personal use or professional operations.

Types of Stall Barn Styles:

  • OCALA Shed Row Style Barn
  • Wellington Center Aisle Stall Barn
  • Lexington Center Aisle Stall Barn
  • Lancaster H-Style Stall Barn

Working with Morton:

  • Morton Buildings' sales consultants listen and work with customers to develop metal horse stable building plans, offering suggestions and advice to create a safe, functional, and attractive building while staying true to the customer's style.
  • The construction process is carried out by experienced crews who prioritize safety and functionality, resulting in a beautiful equestrian stable.

In conclusion, the planning and construction of equestrian stables and stall barns require careful consideration of various factors to ensure the safety, functionality, and satisfaction of both the horses and their caretakers. Morton Buildings offers a range of steel horse stables designed to meet these requirements, with a focus on safety, durability, and customization to support diverse equestrian programs.

Metal Horse Barns & Stables | Horse Barn Builders by Morton (2024)
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