Let The Good Times Roll at The Big Chill (2024)

The Hub 30A is one of the best additions to South Walton in the past 5 years or so. It’s located on the eastern end of the 30A corridor with Seacrest and Alys Beach to the East and Seagrove to the west. What used to be a vacant piece of land with a strange pond in front of WaterSound, is now an entertainment area bustling with life and new development. The Big Chill (formerly known as The Hub 30A) features a couple bars, a handful of tasty food spots, fun shops and an events stage. Live music is a just about a nightly occurrence during the high season.

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In terms of family friendly venues in South Walton, it’s difficult to beat The Big Chill 30A as it truly offers something for everyone. The Big Chill is a great place for parents to kick back, enjoy a cold beverage with a football game on the jumbotron while the kids run around the green space.

Learn more about The Big Chill on their website here… TheBigChill.com

Live Events at The Big Chill 30A

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The Big Chill has become a top outdoor 30A area venue for live music, movies, sports and DJ dance parties. The 30A Song Writers Festival, which is held every February and has become a big deal nationally, has adopted it as one of their top venues. Just about every night of the week (spring break, summer and fall) something fun is happening at the Big Chill. A good size stage with a green space in front is central to the venue. You’ll find plenty of seating options, cold drinks and good food. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the big football game or a movie under the stars with the family. You’ll find their calendar of live events on their website here… Big Chill 30A Events Calendar

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The Big Chill offers a nice variety of food, drink and treat options. It’s the perfect place for friends and family to hang out after a long day at the beach or to pick up takeout food on 30A. Below are the restaurants you’ll find (as of July 2020) at the Big Chill 30A next to WaterSound

Duos All-American Eats – Serving up tasty hot dogs, cheeseburgers, French fries, sandwiches and more. It’ your classic American food spot that adults and kids alike love.

Local Smoke – Fall-off-the-bone locally sourced pork, chicken and beef BBQ food. Local Smoke is slow cooked Southern food at its finest! Some of my menu favorites include the Big Chill BBQ Nachos, Smoked Sausage Sandwich, Pulled Pork Platter and the Southern Cucumber Salad.

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Sauce It 30A – Serving up Brick Oven Pizza’s that will make you think you’re in Italy.

Buddy’s Seafood Market – Featuring fresh Gulf shrimp at their Take-out Steam bar.

Macho Taco – Mexican inspired soul food at the Big Chill 30A.

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After lunch or dinner, make sure to grab a cool treat at Super Freeze, Pineapple at The Big Chill, or Jack & Diane’s New Orleans Stay Snowballs!

Big Chill 30A Shops

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Shopping enthusiasts are sure to have fun at the Big Chill as it offers a wide variety of boutiques. Below is a list of shops currently found at the Big Chill 30A…

Adaro Art – Fun, colorful Art and design gallery run by world renowned artist Francisco Adaro.

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13 Hub Lane – A home furnishings, decor and jewelry boutique with something fun for everyone. You’re sure to find something unique for your home at 13 Hub Lane.

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The Lens Bar – Sunglasses and Eye wear which is most necessary at the beach!

little barn Apothecary – Skin-card products that are 100% non-toxic, vegan. Their wellness products are inspired from the earth and the raw beauty of its natural elements.

Mermaids of 30A – The place to go for Starfish, Sand Dollars, Seashells, coastal jewelry, decor and more!

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OKO Lifestyle – Here you’ll find modern casual clothing for women of all ages. At this Big Chill 30A shop you’ll find exclusive labels made in the Dominican Republic.

Polished 30A Nail Bar – South Walton’s only boutique nail bar is found at the Big Chill 30A! They offer custom built pedicure benches and tubs. You’ll walk out with the best looking toes on the white sand beach!

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Sunset Shoes & Lifestyles – Where you’ll find everything from bikinis to sandals to sunglasses to hats and more! Just about anything you need to enhance your South Walton beach vacation you’ll find at Sunset Shoes & Lifestyles.

Salt Air 30A – This is one of the best places to rent bikes on 30A. Salt Air offers classic beach cruiser bikes, Townie 3-Speed Cruisers, TownieGo pedal-assisted bikes and more. They have all different types of attachments for kids as well. Matt and his team are super friendly and will get you setup to explore 30A!

Yellow Fly Trading Co – One-of-a-kind American made items and super friendly staff!

fiddle haus – Home Decor, interior design, women’s pajamas and other fine gifts.

Lily Chartier Pearls – Freshwater and South Sea cultured Pearls.

Mary Ellen Dimauro – Here you’ll find hand-crafted artisan garments. In-house sewn clothing and handmade, 30A local art.

In addition to the shops listed above, you’ll find SoWal Pilates, Live Well 30A, Frankies Bike Shop and more at the Big Chill 30A!

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As you can see, the Big Chill 30A is a South Walton entertainment district like no other. It offers a diverse variety of food, drink, shopping and entertainment that is sure to please. Make sure to put The Big Chill on your “Fun Things To Do” list next time your in SoWal!

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Let The Good Times Roll at The Big Chill (2024)
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