Is Count's Kustoms Closed Or Still In Business? Here's What We Know (2024)

Key Takeaways

  • Count's Kustoms, a car customization shop in Las Vegas, is known for their unique creations of classic and muscle cars.
  • Although the TV show "Counting Cars" stopped airing in 2021, the team behind Count's Kustoms is still thriving and active in the car industry.
  • The shop continues to work on projects, host events, and even has a museum in Las Vegas, giving fans the opportunity to see their work up close. Danny Koker, the show's host, is also involved in a rock band and had a short-lived YouTube show.

In recent years, car enthusiasts have been spoiled for choice when it comes to car content on our TV screens. Be it from Rust Valley Restorers, or Car Masters: Rust To Riches (both of which have new seasons on the way!), it seems there are always new episodes launching, and of course, plenty more content on YouTube also.

With so much choice, it may have gone unnoticed that one show stopped releasing fresh episodes a couple of years back now, the show in question being Counting Cars, on the History Channel. This raises the questions, is the team behind it still in business? Whether they are or not, what are they up to in 2023? They used to restore and customize the coolest classic cars and muscle cars, but with them now away from our TV screens, keeping up with them can be a little more challenging.

We have all the info, and all the answers.

Who Are Count's Kustoms?

Las Vegas Based Car Customization Shop

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This car and motorbike customization shop is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and can proudly boast a back-catalog of awesome classic and muscle cars, which are truly unique creations. From El Caminos to classic Camaros, the team have modified and restored a plethora of old-school American classics, and have built an envious reputation, thanks to their ability to continuously produce outstanding results.

What's more, in August 2012, a TV show called 'Counting Cars' first aired, and followed Danny 'The Count' Koker and his team, as they created these epic old cars. The show continued for almost a decade, clearly a huge success, so when it went off-air, questions began to be asked about the state of Count's Kustoms.

Danny Koker was also no stranger to television by the time 'Counting Cars' first aired, as friend Rick Harrison from 'Pawn Stars' had starred Danny no fewer than 21 times between 2010 and 2013, as a guest on the show. Danny wasn't there to bid on any interesting old cars, but simply to aid Rick in valuing some neat classics that came his way.

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Why Might They Be Closed?

Counting Cars Last Episode Released December 2021

The first time these questions arose was way back in 2013, when the 'Counting Cars' Facebook page posted this image, captioned 'Count's Kustoms has temporarily closed up shop'. Hundreds of comments came pouring in, with avid fans curious and concerned, has their favorite show been canceled?

It turns out, that was just a confusing comment, as the team simply meant that the shop were closing up on filming the second series.

Since then, Danny and the Count's Kustoms team continuously and reliably released new seasons of their hit show 'Counting Cars', until the end of 2021, when the last fresh episode aired. Surely this was it for the crew, had they closed up due to the pandemic, were they struggling financially, or did the team just part ways to work on new and exciting projects?

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Is There Any Evidence That Count's Kustoms Lives On?

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While the show hasn't aired any new episodes, History haven't officially confirmed that the show is canceled, so fans can always cross their fingers for a twelfth season; although after 3 years, it would be a surprise to see new shows released.

Taking to the Count's Kustoms Facebook page, it's clear to see that the team are still thriving, posting regular updates from meets, events, and projects they're currently working on. The team seem to be up to their usual antics, just without a team of cameras around them now, as they upload pictures of them revealing finished projects, or behind the scenes work in progress shots.

Visiting their website even gives an option to view and tour the shop, and most notably a Count's Kustoms museum, located in the heart of Las Vegas. This sounds like a great solution for those that enjoyed and now miss the show, to catch up with the team, visit the premises in person, and no doubt catch a few iconic classic customs in person.

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What Is Danny Koker And The Team Doing In 2023?

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This is where perhaps the biggest surprise comes in, as not only can Danny be found working on cool old cars still, but he's the lead singer in a '70s style hard rock band – Count's 77. It would appear that Danny is never too far from the spotlight, and perhaps the success of his show on History has enabled him to pursue this other personal passion project.

It's also worth mentioning that, around the same time 'Counting Cars' stopped churning out new episodes, Danny Koker was working on a new show to air on YouTube. 'Count's Kulture' was to feature similar classic muscle cars being restored and sold, plus it highlighted the struggles of doing such work while COVID was performing at full swing. This was a short-lived project, but proves that Danny must have a gold mine of entrepreneurial ideas locked away somewhere, as he's always working on something new.

Danny's wife, Korie Koker, can also be found jumping on the Count branding, as she owns the Count's Vamp'd Rock Bar in Las Vegas.

Elsewhere, the team can be seen welding, fabricating, and painting more cool classic custom projects. It's great to see that the shop still continues to produce high quality custom cars, alongside similarly finished motorbikes too, which they seem to be promoting quite heavily on their social media pages.

It's also worth bringing up the museum again, which is a great and forward-thinking way of attracting more and more people to visit the shop; plus it's a great location for them to market a plethora of merchandised items too, rather than just posting on social pages.

You can read up further on where the full cast of 'Counting Cars' are today here, most notably former employee Joseph Frontiera was fired for apparently attempting to steal $75,000 from the business. As much as we would love for them to start releasing new episodes, it's great to know that the shop still thrives, and awesome customs are still produced by the team, over 10 years since the show first aired.

Is Count's Kustoms Closed Or Still In Business? Here's What We Know (2024)
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