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Teamwork makes the dream work, or so the saying goes. Well, it certainly holds true for Fiat and the PSA Group, which joined forces way back in 1981 to develop a van in a partnership that has extended to the current day through four generations of the van concept.

The third-generation Fiat Ducato is the same as the Citroen Relay and Peugeot Boxer of the day, and is popular not only as a van but also as the basis for motorhome conversions. It is also sold in the US and Canada as the Ram ProMaster, so is popular around much of the world.

Popular, yes, but perfect, no. The Ducato Mk3 suffers from a number of issues, including leaky power steering and a fuelling issue.

And that’s where Haynes can help, because we can assist in the diagnosis and repair of numerous common problems on the Ducato. Just invest in the Haynes Ducato Autofix product and we can help you get back on the road in the shortest time possible, saving you loads of money of garage repair costs in the process.

What recalls has the Fiat Ducato been subject to?

A production fault meant that U-bolts connecting the rear axle to the vehicle were not tightened enough, forcing 117 examples back to dealers.

Then 5427 Ducatos were recalled because of an insufficient amount of lubrication in the steering rack. Increasingly stiff steering was the symptom.

A faulty spare wheel securing mechanism was the cause of 8407 Ducato Mk3 models being recalled, then 336 vans were hauled back to dealers because their rubber brake hoses were faulty, resulting in reduced braking efficiency.

The windscreen wiper motor on 3253 models was found to let in water, slightly defeating the entire object, and so it could fail. Replacement was required.

Then 368 models were recalled because of dodgy tyre valves, which could allow spontaneous and rapid deflation of the tyre.

A small number of later vehicles were recalled because of incorrectly tightened U-bolts that needed to be replaced.

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What common problems does the Fiat Ducato have?

The third-generation Fiat Ducato is known to suffer a problem with its steering rack, which can leak power steering fluid.

A number of owners of the Ducato Mk3 have also reported an issue in which the engine is known to surge, and also doesn’t respond to the accelerator being pressed.

Worse than that, however, is the fact that the Ducato Mk3’s oil pressure warning light can suddenly illuminate, which is going to cause all sorts of heart flutters.

Almost as bad is the fact that the Fiat Ducato can also suffer an issue that causes it to seemingly overheat, which has the potential to be rather expensive if you don’t sort it in time.

And finally, a misfire and white smoke from the exhaust can signify EGR issues.

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Is your Fiat Ducato Mk3 power steering heavy?

The Fiat Ducato Mk3 is the sort of vehicle that will be driven a lot. Usually with some gusto. So the steering is going to get a real workout on any journey. However, numerous owners have reported an issue that causes the steering to become progressively heavier. Not ideal, especially if most of your journeys happen in town, and you need to park up quite often, such as if you’re a delivery driver.

However, the good news is that the problem is quite simple to sort, because it’s simply a leak from the power-steering system.

First up, you’ll need to drain the power steering fluid. After that, you need to unbolt the sealing plate and power steering lines, then replace the seals (part number: 1371407080) before bolting everything back together again, then topping up the fluid and bleeding the system to ensure that there are no air bubbles in it. After all, you don’t want to go to all this trouble and have bubbles in the system to affect its efficiency.

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Why isn’t your Fiat Ducato engine responding?

Starting your Fiat Ducato’s engine, only for it to surge and die away, then surge and die away, is annoying enough. But add in the fact that it won’t respond to you pressing the accelerator pedal and it’s fair to say you’re going nowhere.

First things first, you need to plug in a fault code reader (click HERE for our test of the best fault-code readers in 2023) and see what code it generates.

If the codes are either P0091 or P0092, then the issue most likely lies with a faulty high-pressure fuel pump pressure regulator. The only solution is to replace the regulator itself (part number: 9665523380), then gather together your tools, clean up the area around the regulator, then remove the faulty component and replace it with the new one, making sure you lubricate everything properly along the way. The Haynes Ducato Autofix can guide you through all the connectors you'll face along the way.

After that, you must turn the ignition on and off three times before starting the engine and allowing it to reach operating temperature. Then press the accelerator and raise the engine speed to 4000rpm. After that, all should be well.

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Does the Fiat Ducato Mk3 have oil pressure problems?

There you are, driving along quite happily, on the way to another job well done and your favourite tune on the radio, when all of a sudden an ominous red light starts to glow in the dashboard. What’s that symbol? An oil can? That’s all manner of ungood.

Your first task is to stop as quickly as you can do safely, and switch off the engine. Get the van taken home, and check its oil pressure. If the pressure is low, the likely cause is a failed oil pump.

So, you’ll need to replace the pump, and Haynes Ducato Autofix can assist you in the removal and replacement of most of the ancillary components, allowing you access to the pump.

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Is your Fiat Ducato overheating?

A coolant temperature warning light is never a good thing. Well, technically it IS a good thing, because it should warn you of a problem before that issue becomes terminal. Nevertheless, it’s going to somewhat spoil your day when it lights up.

As ever, and as long as there aren’t clouds of steam emanating from under the bonnet, your first port of call should be the OBD II port, where you plug in a fault-code reader. If it produces the code P0116, the fault likely lies with the coolant temperature sensor.

Then it’s a case of checking the wiring for the sensor. If that’s all okay, then it’s usually the case that coolant has managed to get into the sensor, so the sensor itself will need to be replaced, and the cooling system will need to be at least partially drained to do so.

The Haynes Ducato Autofix can guide you through how to remove and replace the coolant.

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Where’s that white smoke coming from in your Fiat Ducato Mk3?

Cough. Splutter. Shudder. All bad sounds and feelings. However, these are something not unknown to owners of the Fiat Ducato Mk3. Even more disconcertingly, the engine is running on three cylinders and the exhaust is emitting plumes of white smoke.

The fault-code reader is your friend, so plug one in and see what it comes up with. If this is code P0402, then the issue lies with the van’s EGR system, which has likely become clogged.

The only solution is to remove and replace the individual parts of the EGR system, cleaning them out as you go. Clogged pipes will cause this issue. Damaged wiring could, too, so check that as well.

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