AIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (2024)

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AIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (5)

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Today I’m sharing a recipe from the brand spankin’ new ebook 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts!

A group of friends and AIP bloggers got together to create this ebook, myself included, filled with both our most popular recipes and some new creations that are exclusive to the ebook. Why? Because the question of “what do you eat for breakfast on the AIP?!” is one we all are asked very, very often!

IAIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (6) was already using a Paleo diet when I first discovered and decided to try adopting the AIP. And I remember being pretty damn freaked out about what I would eat in the mornings, because eggs had been an absolute staple for me that I couldn’t imagine doing without. Switching to the AIP meant having to be much more inventive, since I now had fewer ingredients to work with and many of my former favorite foods (ha, try saying that five times, fast!) were no longer options. Buh bye eggs with salsa. Adios peppered bacon! It would have been a lot easier making the leap into AIP if I’d had a copy of 85 Amazing AIP Breakfasts!

What’s great about Amazing AIP Breakfasts:
  • All of the recipes are 100% compliant with The Paleo Approach
  • It’s been created by 26 bloggers who all use the AIP themselves
  • It has 85 breakfast themed AIP recipes, manyof which were created specifically for this book
  • Over half of the recipes can easily be modified for low-FODMAP, GAPS/SCD, low-histamine, and coconut-free diets using the handy substitution charts included in the book
What’s in Amazing AIP Breakfasts:
  • Beverages: How about trying a delicious herbal AIP Coffee (scroll down for a sneak peek recipe!) or Rooibos “Latte” again?
  • Bowls: bring back foods like Apple Cinnamon “Porridge”, Biscuits & Gravy or Sweet Potato Muffins in Bacon Bowls!
  • Skillets: one pan meals are the best and you have recipes like Sweet Potato, Pancetta and Apple Hash, Sausage Fennel and Cherry Stir Fry and Cinnamon Pork and Apple Skillet to choose from!
  • Soups: these are actually my favorite thing to eat in the morning – just warm and enjoy! How about creamy Leek & Sweet Potato Soup or Slow Cooker Breakfast Stew?
  • Patties: you don’t have to stick to plain sausage! Try an AIP Breakfast Stack, some Tuna Cakes with Green Olives or some Ginger Green Onion Pork Patties to liven things up
  • Pancakes: choose from 7 pancake recipes… then move on to Plantain Waffles or Applesauce Muffins
See more details or pick up your own copy by clicking here!

And now to give you a sneak peek at a recipe! This is a recipe for an AIP Coffee by Dora from Provincial Paleo. Coffee isn’t part of The Paleo Approachand is something I had to give up before I adopted the AIP, when I realized it was the culprit for my daily stomach issues. To stand in as an AIP coffee replacement, Dora created this recipe! She describes thismug o’ awesome as “dark and smooth with slight bitter notes” and says that “this caffeine-free coffee alternative warms one up without the unwanted jittery aftereffects”. That seems like the perfect AIP coffee alternative to me!

AIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (8)


AIP Coffee

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  1. Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to a boil.
  2. Lower heat and allow the mixture to simmer for 5 minutes.
  3. Remove from heat, strain and serve.
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AIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (9)

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AIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (16)

AIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (17)

AIP Coffee - and 84 other AIP breakfast recipes! - meatified (2024)
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