20 of the Cutest Viral Dog Videos of All Time (2024)

Man's best friend can always be relied upon to bring a smile to our faces. From skateboarding, to dancing, to singing, dogs have so many more skills than simply fetching.

On the home of viral videos, TikTok, canine videos rack up tons of views. The most popular video, by a famous Toypoodle "influencer" from Japan, was liked more than 14 million times.

Newsweek's heartwarming compilation below is likely to make you laugh, cry, and then go adopt a dog.

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20. 'Flying' Dog

An impressive video of a dog scaling the wall of a building. By using his owner as a springboard, this determined dog reaches an epic height—all in slow motion.

Credit: @gofetch

19. 'Not a perfect puppy'

Rescue dog Arrow has charmed millions of viewers with their awkward overbite. This hasn't stopped the puppy from chowing down food and making a mess in the process.

Credit: @arrowtherescue

18. Wakey Wakey

No one likes waking up for school; especially this Golden Retriever, Goose. Flat out refusing to leave the warmth of his bed, this could be the coziest pup ever.

Credit: @joeyandgoose

17. Meet my family

"It all started when my mom met my dad..." This take on a popular TikTok trend is used to describe the relationship between two dogs in this sweet family video.

16. Mop Dog

Is it a mop? Is it a dog? This shaggy creature appears almost like magic.

Credit: @zachking

15. Expectation vs Reality

Dogs can be part of this comparison trend too. A huskie gets a reality check when its glossy fur and snowy setting is contrasted with bad angles and unflattering lighting.

Credit: @cookiethehusky

14. 'I love you Bunny'

Even if dogs can't talk they sure know how to communicate. In this heart-melting video, an owner says "I love you" only for her Sheepadoodle to press a button voicing the reply: "Mom. Love you."

Credit: bunny@select.co

13. Clingy or Cute

This owner gets a rude interruption when his dog bursts open the door while he's in the bathroom. Is there such thing as too much puppy love?

Credit: @deadeyeskuma

12. Sleeping Beauty

From a Toypoodle with almost 10 million followers, this adorable video features a tiny dog that needs its beauty sleep.

Credit: @azchpn

11. Take a Small Bite

A dog with the will power of a saint. The look of restraint on this pug's face when it nibbles the end of a starfish-shaped treat is priceless.


Swipe left for more dogos and drop a follow #fyp #dog #cutedogsonly #petsoftiktok .

♬ original sound - DOGS

10. Weird Things My Dog Does

Ever wondered about your dog's strange habits? From rubbing against walls to licking toilets, this video is a round-up of classic canine moments.

Credit: @tuckerbudzyn

9. Thor and Ella

Some parents might fret over whether their toddlers and pets will get along. But not Thor and Ella's parents. Despite the difference in size, this pair looks like two peas in a pod.

Credit: @chelseyhallblade

8. Sid Gets a Sibling

Another example of family love, this emotional video of dog Sid meeting his new playmate is sure to encourage pet parents to get a second.


Sid meeting her sister for the first time❤️ (@marissamacaroni) #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dogsoftiktok #tiktok #dogtok #cute #love

♬ Can't Help Falling in Love - Haley Reinhart

Credit: @gofetch

7. Tilly the Friendly Loaf

Watch this gorgeous Tibebetan spaniel with short-spine syndrome battle against an unusual enemy: a strawberry.

Credit: @tillythefriendlyloaf

6. Chowder the Skater-dog

This bulldog is better than most humans when it comes to skateboarding. Though it's Chowder's first time riding this particular hill, he already looks like a pro.


Skateboard practice. New hill and turn. Chowder lives for this😃😎💕 #nowlookatthis #skaterboy #practicemakesperfect #dogsoftiktok #weirdpets #fyp

♬ original sound - Chowder

Credit: @chowderthebulldog

5. 'I Love You'

More than just your usual yap in response, this pitbull manages a whole "I love you" to its owner. Or something to that effect.

Credit: @heymynamesluna

4. Murphy Bit My Finger

Murphy the Bassethound doesn't take bites to the ear well, especially from a cat. With a voice-over from famous meme "Charlie Bit My Finger" this video combines two hilarious moments.

Credit: @murphthebassethound

3. Little Miss Furious

No one likes the rain, especially not this dog. Not even the best raincoat in the world could lift this little one's grumpy mood.

Credit: @littlemissfurious

2. Let Go of the Leash

Ever wondered what would happen if you dropped your dog's leash? Well Gamja, which translates as "potato" in Korean, shows his owner exactly what he would do. Top tip: don't expect your dog to hang around!

Credit: @gamjamypotato

1. Dancing Toypoodle

The most-liked video on viral video platform TikTok, this dog influencer has reached more than 102 million views. Panna, the fluffy Toypoodle that is seen dancing in a selfie, was made for the spotlight.

Credit: @azchpn

20 of the Cutest Viral Dog Videos of All Time (1)

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20 of the Cutest Viral Dog Videos of All Time (2024)
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