20 Cute Dog Videos You NEED To Watch Right Now (2024)


20 Cute Dog Videos For National Dog Day That You Need To See

by Jessica Booth

You know those days where you desperately need something to cheer you up? Maybe you had a negative discussion at work, maybe someone said something rude to you, maybe you were fighting with your significant other, or maybe you didn't feel well. Whatever the case, on those days it's nice to have something comforting, relaxing, and entertaining to come home to. And that something? It can definitely be cute dog videos.

According to Psychology Today, research has shown that dogs genuinely do make humans happier: owning one, petting one, playing with one, and even watching one can raise our levels of oxytocin and make us feel more relaxed and put us in a better mood. Of course, the best thing to do is to be with a dog in person, but if you can't do that, a great video is a nice substitute. Fortunately, there are plenty of dog videos out there that you can watch to improve your mood and reduce your stress.

And even if you aren't in need of a mood-booster, it's still fun to watch dog videos! They can make a good mood better, they can be entertaining to show off to friends, and they can just be enjoyable to watch — you really don't need a concrete reason to get lost in an internet black hole of dog videos. That said, allow me to share some of the most adorable dog videos on the internet for your viewing pleasure:


Corgi Puppy Attack

A dog attack video wouldn't normally be something that makes you smile, but this one is too cute for words: it features a teensy, tiny little Corgi "attacking" its owner. It will make you want a Corgi of your own.


Teikota Puppy

This is literally just a video of a dog moving his head back and forth, which sounds boring, but trust me: you'll be playing it on a loop. How is this dog real? He's too cute to be real!


Cutest Rescue Puppy and Kitten Are Best Friends

Few things are as cute as watching a dog and a cat get along like their best friends, especially when said dog and cat are super, super small. Look at these little guys!


Lovely Reaction Of Husky Dogs And Babies

What could be cuter than a video that features tiny babies and Huskies dogs? This is a compilation of Huskies and babies interacting, and it will make your heart explode.


Maltese Puppy Learns To Climb The Stairs

Look at this tiny Maltese puppy learn to climb the stairs! He can barely make it! Look at those little legs! This is just too much.


This Dog Who Is Over It

You know when you are just done for the day and you refuse to do anything else? This dog totally gets it. He is OVER his walk, and he will not continue!


Rescue Dogs

There is just something about this one little dog desperately trying to rescue his friend in this boat that will leave your heart a puddle of mush. It's too sweet!


Stretching Dog

Yes, this is just a video of a tiny dog stretching its legs out. That's it! That's all it needs to be!


Golden Retriever Meeting A New Puppy

Watching this Golden Retriever meet his new puppy sister is going to make you want another dog... or just two dogs at once. Look how adorable they are!


Alaskan Malamute Puppy Talk

Sometimes a dog doesn't even need to do anything other than hop around and make little noises to be adorable. Case in point right here.


Secret Agent Dog Infiltrates Kitchen

Watch this sneaky dog make his way around the kitchen in search of food, and feel inspired to do just about anything. Also, be prepared to smile a lot.


Dogs Meet Kittens for the First Time

If all you need is a good compilation video, watch this one. It's a whole bunch of moments where dogs meet kittens for the first time, and it's almost too much to handle.


Lassie On A Treadmill

Look, I would go to the gym more if this is what was actually happening at the gym.


Dogs At A Water Park

Who says water parks are just for humans? Look at these doggies enjoying their own fun dog water park. They're in a boat!


Jenga Dog

Honestly, how is this dog playing Jenga even real? You'll watch it over and over again just out of sheer shock.


Cute Baby Bath Time With Dog

What's cuter than babies and dogs playing together? Babies and dogs in a bath together! Sure, this is messy, but it's also seriously adorable.


A Dog and A Piglet

There's just something about big dogs with tiny animals that is so perfect and can make you smile no matter what. Take, for example, this large dog with a teensy piglet.


Skateboarding Dog

He's so little! The skateboard is so big! How is he this talented? He's perfect.


Dog In The Morning

It's impossible to explain why this video of an over-excited dog greeting their owner in the morning is so fun to watch, but it is!


Puppy Plays Fetch With Herself

Who needs anyone else when you have a ball, you know? This dog playing fetch totally gets it.

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Cute Dog Videos for National Dog Day

The article discusses the benefits of watching cute dog videos to improve mood and reduce stress. It mentions that research has shown that dogs can make humans happier by raising oxytocin levels and putting us in a better mood. While being with a dog in person is the best option, watching dog videos can be a nice substitute. The article then provides a list of 20 adorable dog videos that can be enjoyed for entertainment purposes or as a mood-booster.

Oxytocin and Happiness

Oxytocin is a hormone that plays a role in social bonding, trust, and positive emotions. Research has shown that interactions with dogs, such as petting, playing, or even watching videos of dogs, can increase oxytocin levels in humans, leading to feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Benefits of Watching Dog Videos

Watching dog videos can have several benefits, including:

  1. Mood improvement: Cute dog videos can help improve mood and reduce stress.
  2. Entertainment: Dog videos can be entertaining to watch and can be shared with friends.
  3. Relaxation: Watching dog videos can help create a sense of relaxation and provide a break from daily stressors.

Examples of Cute Dog Videos

The article provides a list of 20 cute dog videos that can be enjoyed for their adorable content. Some examples include:

  1. Corgi Puppy Attack: A video featuring a small Corgi "attacking" its owner.
  2. Teikota Puppy: A video of a dog moving its head back and forth.
  3. Cutest Rescue Puppy and Kitten Are Best Friends: A video showing a dog and a cat getting along.
  4. Lovely Reaction of Husky Dogs and Babies: A compilation of Huskies and babies interacting.
  5. Maltese Puppy Learns to Climb the Stairs: A video of a tiny Maltese puppy learning to climb stairs.
  6. This Dog Who Is Over It: A video of a dog refusing to continue its walk.
  7. Rescue Dogs: A video showing a dog trying to rescue its friend in a boat.
  8. Stretching Dog: A video of a tiny dog stretching its legs out.
  9. Golden Retriever Meeting a New Puppy: A video of a Golden Retriever meeting its new puppy sister.
  10. Alaskan Malamute Puppy Talk: A video of a dog hopping around and making little noises.
  11. Secret Agent Dog Infiltrates Kitchen: A video of a sneaky dog searching for food in the kitchen.
  12. Dogs Meet Kittens for the First Time: A compilation video of dogs meeting kittens.
  13. Lassie On A Treadmill: A video of a dog on a treadmill.
  14. Dogs At A Water Park: A video of dogs enjoying a water park.
  15. Jenga Dog: A video of a dog playing Jenga.
  16. Cute Baby Bath Time With Dog: A video of babies and dogs playing together in a bath.
  17. A Dog and A Piglet: A video of a big dog with a tiny piglet.
  18. Skateboarding Dog: A video of a small dog skateboarding.
  19. Dog In The Morning: A video of an over-excited dog greeting its owner in the morning.
  20. Puppy Plays Fetch With Herself: A video of a dog playing fetch with a ball.

Watching these videos can provide entertainment, joy, and relaxation, making them a great choice for National Dog Day or any day when you need a mood-booster.

I hope you enjoy watching these adorable dog videos!

20 Cute Dog Videos You NEED To Watch Right Now (2024)
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