10 Funny Cat Videos For Kids, Adorable Kittens and Cats (2024)

Our feline friends can be quite humorous — whether they intend to be or not.

These cute cats and kittens will entertain kids of all ages. Kids love to watch funny cat videos because of all the unexpected things cats do. The internet has made celebrities of funny cats like Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub. These ten videos feature cute cats and kitties doing all sorts of entertaining things—from playing to stalking to just being adorable.

Best, Funny Cat Videos

Are you ready for our purr-fect list of funny cat videos? They should have you feline good!

1. Funny Cat hunter | Cute Kitten catch a mouse

by Funnycatsandnicefish

Your child will fall in love with this energetic kitten! She pounces on her toy mouse over and over again. Kittens learn how to stalk their prey by playing and having fun. They are born with natural instincts for stalking and hunting. You can see in this video the young kitten is learning how to hunt and just having fun with her toy mouse. She is learning how to use her claws to get a hold of the mouse and bat it around.

2. Cat Plays Whack-A-Finger

by Storyful

Cats love to play games that rely on their natural hunting instincts. This cat seems to be playing the classic game Whack-a-Mole. Her owners have cut holes in a cardboard box just large enough to stick a finger through. Their rescue cat named Orange becomes transfixed by the appearing and disappearing fingers in each hole. She taps the fingers down with her paw as they pop up in each of the holes. It’s adorable!

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3. Dumpster Kitty

by Cole and Marmalade

Check out these cats discovering a new hiding spot! Two cat friends play hide and seek in a small garbage can. They contort their bodies to get into the small space. Then they pounce out unexpectedly, like a jack in the box. Watch as they take turns hiding and exploring their new hiding place. Hilarious!

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4. Funny Cat Chasing Tail – The Friskies Awards 2014

by Purina Friskies

This video was originally called “How Bob Gets His Exercise.” It was the category winner of The Friskies 2014 Cat Video Awards. The pudgy cat in this video puts on a show that kids will love. He is such a happy cat, chasing his own tail. He can be seen jumping and spinning and just having fun. Its almost as if he is break dancing!

5. Nyan Cat


And now for something completely different… an animated cat music video! This video features a little animated kitty that moves to a catchy song your kids will love. This cat jam is high energy excitement. Your kids will get up and dance. Its addictive fun!

6. The two talking cats

by TheCatsPyjaaaamas

These two cats seem to be having a conversation between themselves. According to their owner, they usually would fight each other but in this rare moment they calmed down and talked it out. These two female cats are named Stina (on the right) and Mossy (on the left). They are not related, just friends. Listen to their friendly chatter as one seems to respond directly to the other. So cute!

7. The OMG Cat

by Davincipop

A lot of people have viewed this famous cat video. It is a short video but fun to watch. Check out the funny expression on this cat’s face. What is she looking at? She opens her mouth wide and tilts her head. It’s fun to guess what makes her do this. Was it something she saw that scared her? Or is she saying OMG? Let your kids decide!

8. Surprised Kitty

by rozzzafly

This video is one of the most popular of all kitten videos. It is maybe the most adorable video you and your kids will see. The baby kitten is lying on her back and each time someone surprises her, she reacts with a playful, adorable reaction. Your kids will want to watch this one over and over again. It’s easy to do since it is a short video.

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9. Kittens Meet Puppies For The First Time

by BuzzFeedVideo

Ever wonder what happens when kittens meet puppies for the first time? This video will show you. The kittens and puppies emerge from their carriers to play and learn about each other. Watch them sniff and chase each other around. Sometimes they will lick a new friend. Later in the video, they get to share a meal together. It’s cuteness to the max in this video!

10. Stalking Cat 2 – Funny Cat

by Bettye Trujillo

Your kids will be fascinated by this hilarious stalking cat. He stops and starts as he gets closer and closer to a feather. Its almost like he is playing the game Red Light/Green Light. It is so funny how he sneaks up on the feather as it is presented and hidden from his sight. Your kids will love it!

Funny Cat Videos For Kids – BONUS VIDEOS!

11. Mom Cat talking to her Cute Meowing Kittens

by Funnycatsandnicefish

This video features a super high-quality video of a mother cat talking to her cute kittens. This nearly 20 minute-long video chronicles the kittens’ first weeks of life and shows all kinds of kitten behaviors. Kids will enjoy seeing them sleeping, playing, purring, hugging and licking. The mother cat feeds and cleans her babies. She communicates and takes care of them as only a mother could.

12. Baby Cats

by Aww Animals

Cats can be cute, but there’s no doubt when it comes to kittens. This video is about six minutes of kitten humor you won’t want to miss.

13. Funniest Cats and Dogs – Awesome

by Funny Animals’ Life

Will anyone ever understand the mysterious lives of cats? No, we don’t think so. But, we sure can enjoy them along the way. Plus, you’ll get a kick out of the dog videos as well.

14. Hilarious Cat Viral Videos

by Newsflare

A montage of cats being cats. When felines are on the loose, some of the time it’s going to be funny!

15. Funniest Moment When Cat Scared

by WOA Video

I might not be a good person, but this video montage may be my favorite.

Stay pawsitive watching these funny cats videos

Cats and kittens are endlessly fun to watch. These ten videos show cat behaviors from funny to cute to just plain adorable. Your kids will enjoy all the different cat activities and the many games they play in.

By Greg Johnson | Published 9/26/2017


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10 Funny Cat Videos For Kids, Adorable Kittens and Cats (2024)
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